Special Issue

The Iraqi Journal of Computers, Communications, Control, and Systems Engineering (IJCCCE) is pleased to announce the special issue, entitled:

((Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology))

The main subjects in this issue are, but not limited:

  1. Cyber Security.
  2. Cloud Computing.
  3. Internet of Things.
  4. Artificial Intelligence.
  5. Big Data.

Guest Editor:  Prof. Dr. Mokhled Al-Tarawneh, Mutah University, Jordan.

Important Dates:

  1. Submission: start from 1/3/2024
  2. Submission Deadline: 1/6/2024
  3. First Decision: 1/8/2024

Publication Fees:

  1. The submission and publication are free for researchers from outside Iraq.
  2. The publication fees for Iraqi researchers are 110,000 ID that is divided into 50,000 ID for reviewing and 60,000 ID for publication.

General Requirements:

The minimum standard requirements of the IJCCCE must be:

  1. Written in English.
  2. The length of the submitted paper is at least 6 pages and no more than 15 pages.
  3. Use of a tool such as Mendeley, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, or manual citation and choose IEEE style
  4. Make sure that your paper is prepared using the IJCCCE paper template.

Submission Instructions:

  1. Register at the IJCCCE journal using the following link:


  1. Download the journal template using the following link and follow the instruction in writing the paper:


  1. Prepare the paper without names and affiliations of authors in two files (one in word format and the other in PDF format). Please follow the journal template.
  2. Prepare the title page that has the title, authors names and full affiliations as well as the abstract. Please write the following term in the title page (Special Issue).
  3. Prepare the cover letter and write down the term (Special Issue).
  4. Submit the mentioned files to the journal website.