Carefully read the submission guidelines as follows:


Note: submitted paper must be without names. The paper must be in two copies; win-word and (PDF) format.


A. General Requirements 

The minimum standard requirements of the IJCCCE must be:

  1. Written in English.
  2. The length of the submitted paper is at least 6 pages  and no more than 15 pages.
  3. Use of a tool such as Mendeley, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, or manual citation and choose IEEE style
  4. Make sure that your paper is prepared using the IJCCCE paper template 


B. Structure of The Manuscript

The manuscript must be prepared and suggested present follow the structure:

Title. The title of the paper should describe research aims, method/model, and objective, without Acronym or abbreviation

Abstract. The Abstract has 150 to 250 WORDS; No citation; State in the abstract a Background (2-3 Sentences), ResearchMethodology (2-3 Sentences), and Results (Minimal 8 Sentences), and the Conclusions (2-3 Sentences).

Section structure. Authors are suggested to present their articles in the section structure:

  • Introduction.
  • The Proposed Method/Algorithm (optional).
  • Method - Results and Discussion.
  • Conclusion.

References. Expect a minimum of  20 references primarily with a minimum of 60% to journal papers. The references must be up-to-date references (5 years back).


Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines

Many students and researchers looking for information online will use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or similar. By optimizing your article for search engines, you will increase the chance of someone finding it.
This in turn will make it more likely to be viewed and/or cited in another work. These guidelines enable you to maximize the web-friendliness of the most public part of your article.