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Multistage Tree Model for Crime Dataset in Iraq

Reem Razzaq Abdul Hussein; Muayad Sadik Croock; Salih Mahdi Al-Qaraawi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 1-8

  This research deals with the using of correlation measurement that leads todescribing the degree of relationship between variables, quantities or qualities. Therefore,we implement a simple correlation coefficient and conditional correlation to introduce aregular vine copula, which gives different tree ...  Read More ...

Estimation of Stator Winding Temperature of a Three-Phase Induction Motor

Afrah Thamer Abdullah; Amer Mejbel Ali

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 9-17

  This paper adopted a thermal network method (TNM) based on Motor-CADwith MATLAB/Simulink software, and finite element method (FEM) based on Motor-CAD with Flux2D software, to estimate the stator winding temperature of a totallyenclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), squirrel cage, three-phase induction motor. The ...  Read More ...

Design a Different Structures Controller for Controlled Systems Using a Spiking Neural Network

Mohammed Y. Hassan; Ahmed Abduljabbar Mahmood

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 18-29

  The design and simulation of the Spiking Neural Network (SNN) areproposed in this paper to control a plant without and with load. The proposedcontroller is performed using Spike Response Model. SNNs are more powerfulthan conventional artificial neural networks since they use fewer nodes to solvethe same ...  Read More ...

Comparative Study of Pulse Shaping Filters in FBMC

Mohammed Kasim Al-Haddad; Hadi T. Ziboon

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 30-40

  Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) is a multitone modulationtechnique that is expected to replace the Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing (OFDM) due to its inherent characteristics that makes it immuneto channel dispersive effect on the transmitted signal in both time andfrequency. The most effective ...  Read More ...

Impact of Fiber Nonlinearity on the Performance of Mode Division Multiplexing Systems

Esraa K. Hamed; Mohammed A. Munshid; Jassim K. Hmood

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 41-49

  in this paper, an analytical model is developed to estimate anonlinear phase noise (NPN) due to Kerr fiber nonlinearity and its interactionwith amplifier noise in mode division multiplexing (MDM) systems. Ouranalysis uses generalized coupled multimode nonlinear Schrödinger equations(MM- NLSE) that ...  Read More ...

Performance of Solar Module with Presence of Two Types of Reflectors in Concentrator System

Naseer K. Kasim; Ahmed F. Atwan; Fadhil Mahmood Oleiwi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 50-57

  Any work to improve the performance of the solar modules could add to their economic competitiveness against fossil fuels. In the present work the performance of PV solar module was improved by using V-Trough concentrator system (CPV) which moved by two axis tracking system. The concentrator consists ...  Read More ...

A Comparative Study of PI and IP Controllers for Field Oriented Control of Three Phase Induction Motor

Fatma H. Faris; Abdulrahim Thiab Humod2; Mohammad Najm Abdullah

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 58-68

  In this paper, Field Oriented Control (FOC) of 3-phase induction motor iscontrolled by using (PI) and (I-P). These controllers are established with the help ofMATLAB/SIMULINK. The gains value obtained by the trial and error method of PIcontrollerand Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is used ...  Read More ...

Indoor Localization System Using Wi-Fi Technology

Noor Abdul Khaleq Zghair; Muayad Sadik Croock; Ali Abdul Razzaq Taresh

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 69-77

  Recently, indoor localization has witnessed an increase in interest,due to the potential wide range of using in different applications, such asInternet of Things (IoT). It is also providing a solution for the absence of GlobalPositioning System (GPS) signals inside buildings. Different techniques havebeen ...  Read More ...

Bandwidth Utilization Prediction in LAN Network Using Time Series Modeling

Ammar T. Namel; Mouayad A. Sahib; Shatha M. Hasan

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 78-89

  monitoring the behavior of computer networks is essential forproblem identification and optimal management. Part of this behavior to bemonitored is the utilization of the network bandwidth. Several techniques areused to model and forecast network traffic such as time series models, moderndata mining ...  Read More ...

Reducing Short Circuit Level in 400kV Iraqi Grid System by Using FACTS Device

Inaam I. Ali; Mohanad Sh. Tarad Al-Aasam

Volume 19, Issue 2 , April 2019, Page 90-99

  Electrical power systems are different in their sizes because of their amount of generation power stations, substations, transmission lines and loads. Therefore, these factors may impact on short circuit levels values. Capacity of power stations and dummy transmission lines in Extra high voltage grid ...  Read More ...