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Comparison Robustness of Automatic Voltage Regulator for Synchronous Generator using Neural Network and Neuro - Fuzzy controllers †

Yasir Thaier Haider; Dr. Abdulrahim Thiab Humod

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 1-10

  Abstract – Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Neuro - Fuzzy controllers can be used as intelligent controllers to control non-li¬near dynamic systems through learning, which can easily accommodate the non-linearity’s, time dependencies, model uncertainty and external disturbances. Modern power ...  Read More ...

Control System for Sluice Gates Flow in Irrigation Canals †

Shafaq Raad Abduljaleel; Assist Prof Dr. Arif A. Al-Qassar

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 11-17

  Abstract – Water has become the most important problem in relations between the countries of the Middle East in the recent years. It occupies an important place on the agenda of several international organizations. Water control and reduction loss of water discharge is a major challenge facing the ...  Read More ...

Thermocouples Data Linearization using Neural Network †

Karam M. Z. Othman

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 18-23

  Abstract – Thermocouples are usually used for measuring temperatures in steel industry, gas turbine, diesel engine and many industrial processes. Thermocouple usually have nonlinear Temperature-Voltage relationship (mV=f(T˚)). However, on the monitoring side, it is required to have the inverse relationship ...  Read More ...

Design and Implementation of Rehabilitation Robot for Human Arm Movements †

Mr. Zeyad A. Karam; Dr. Mohammed Y. Hassan

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 24-33

  Abstract –Physical disabilities such as full or partial loss of function in the shoulder and elbow are a common impairment in the elderly and a secondary effect due to strokes, trauma, sports and injuries. Rehabilitation programs are the main method to promote functional recovery in these subjects. ...  Read More ...

Modeling and Control of 5250 Lab-Volt 5 DoF Robot Manipulator †

Mr. Wael Mohammed Hasan Hadi; DR. Wathik Isaa Mahdi AL-Tameemi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 34-46

  Abstract –This paper presents the modeling and control simulation for Lab-Volt 5250 five degree of freedom robot manipulator based on the standard Denavit- Hartenberg approach. The dynamic model of the robot derived using Euler- Lagrange equation which is the energy balance equation. This dynamic model ...  Read More ...

An ABC-Optimized Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles Algorithm for Navigation of Multiple Mobile Robots †

Turki Y. Abdalla; Ziyad T. Allawi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 47-57

  Abstract - In this paper, a new optimization method for the Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles (RVO) is proposed. It uses the Artificial Bee Colony Optimization (ABC) for navigation control of multiple mobile robots with kinematic constraints. RVO is used for collision avoidance between the robots, while ...  Read More ...

Combining Genetic Algorithm and Direction of Arrival for MIMO Wireless Communication System†

Mohammed Hussein Miry; Dr. Ghaida A. AL-Suhail

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 58-64

  Abstract—In the next generation of wireless communications, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication system will be a key technology to enhance the communication efficiency. The popular method for estimating the direction of arrival of sources impinging on an array of MIMO sensors is Multiple ...  Read More ...

Electronic Throttle Valve Control Design Based on Sliding Mode Perturbation Estimator †

Asst. Prof. Dr. Shibly Ahmed Al-Samarraie; Lect. Yasir Khudhair Al-Nadawi; Mustafa Hussein Mishary; Muntadher Mohammed Salih

Volume 15, Issue 2 , August 2015, Page 65-74

  Abstract – The electronic throttling angle control system is the newly common requirement trend in automotive technology. It is used to regulate the amount of air flow into the engine. Due to the existence of multiple non-smooth nonlinearities, the controller design to the electronic throttle valve ...  Read More ...