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Design of a Nonlinear Speed Controller for a DC Motor System with Unknown External Torque Based on Backstepping Approach

Yasir Khudhair Abbas; Dr. Shibly Ahmed AL-Samarraie

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 1-19

  A nonlinear PI controller for a system with a mismatched and unknown external disturbance is proposed in the present paper. A Sigmoidal function is proposed to be used in the nonlinear integral element to attenuate the disturbance effect. Formally the controller forces the state to a positively invariant ...  Read More ...

A Modified Method of Information Hiding Based on Hybrid Encryption and Steganography

Baedaa H. Helal

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 20-31

  This paper produces a developed method based on steganography techniques to prevent intruders from obtaining the transmitted information. This work is based on a combination of steganography and cryptography techniques to increase the level of security and to make the system more complex to be defeated ...  Read More ...

Robust Deadbeat Controller Design using PSO for Positioning a Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors

Dr. Hazem I. Ali

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 32-41

  This paper presents an application of a robust deadbeat controller for permanent magnet stepper motor. This approach has been considered in order to assure robust stability and performance (disturbance rejection, reference tracking) with the presence of system parameters uncertainty. The Particle ...  Read More ...

Controlling a Nonlinear Servo Hydraulic System Using PID Controller with a Genetic Algorithm Tool

Shaymaa Mahmood Mahdi

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 42-52

  The purpose of this paper is to present the modeling and simulation of a servo hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems are broadly used in the industry due to their ability to adapt to a wide range of purposes and their proven robustness. First we develop a mathematical model to obtain the system responses. ...  Read More ...


Amer Kais Obaid

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 53-59

  Security and data confidentiality has become a critical issue for companies and individuals. In a classical client-server network, the access control management is performed on the server, relying on the assumption that the server is a trusted party. In this paper, we focus on how to strengthen the ...  Read More ...


Prof. Dr. Abdul Monem S. Rahma; Dr. Abdul Hamza A. Abdul Karim

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 60-68

  Speech recognition based on visual information such as the lip shape and its movement is referred to as lip reading. The visual features are derived according to the frame rate of the video sequence. The proposed work adopted in this paper is based upon the lower part of the human face to extract ...  Read More ...

Reward effect in Reinforcement Learning Systems

Lubna Zaghlul Bashir; Zina Waleed

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 69-95

  Learning Classifier Systems (LCS), are a machine learning technique which combines reinforcement learning, evolutionary computing and other heuristics to produce adaptive systems. The system HRC (Human – Rat - Cheese) focuses in creating artificial creature (Rat) using computer simulation, and learning ...  Read More ...


Dr. Siddeeq Ameen Yousif; Dr. Laith Jasim Saud

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 96-103

  This paper proposes two important mathematical models related to network topology which helps in computing some of the efficiency or reliability factors of communication network as well as design purposes. Each of these models represents a topology property. The first (second) of these models is used ...  Read More ...

Genetic Algorithm Using Sub-path Codes for Mobile Robot Path Planning

Dr. Mohamed Jasim Mohamed

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 104-117

  In this paper, a new method for finding global optimal path planning is proposed using a Genetic Algorithm (GA). A map of known static environment as well as a start node and a target node connecting an optimal path which is required to be found are given beforehand. The chosen nodes in a known static ...  Read More ...

Application of Kalman Estimation Techniques with Fuzzy Logic to a Synchro Digitizer

Waladin K. Sa; Firas A. Raheem; Lina S. Jajo

Volume 12, Issue 1 , June 2012, Page 118-126

  In the quest for digitizing the synchro, this paper proposes a method for processing the synchro format voltages to extract a single reliable shaft angle reading. This eliminates sophisticated and expensive electronic parts and replaces them by software algorithms. Kalman estimation techniques are ...  Read More ...