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Wavelet and Wavelet Packet Transform Realization Using FPGA

Walid A. mahmoud; Mohammed N.Hussainn

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 1-18

  Abstract: This paper provides a new algorithm for the evaluation of WAVELET TRANSFORM (WT) and the WAVELET PACKET TRANSFORM (WPT) using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). FPGA realization is the most recent category, which takes the place in the implementation of DSP applications, and it had ...  Read More ...

Low Frequency FFT Spectrum Analyzer Design Using 89C52 Microcontroller and a PC

Ismail A. Mohammed; Omar H. Hamad

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 19-27

  Abstract: The purpose of this work is to introduce an economical spectrum analyzer for laboratory and test applications. Such an analyzer is achieved by utilizing the graphic capability of a personal computer (PC) and the sufficient numerical processing of the microcontroller.  Read More ...

The Determination of 3D Multiwavelet Transform

W. A. Mahmoud; M. S. AbdulWahab; H. N. AL-Taai

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 28-46

  Abstract: The relatively new field of multiwavelets shows promise in removing some of the limitations of wavelets. Multiwavelets offer more design options and hence can combine all desirable transform features. In this paper several new algorithms for computing advance transforms are proposed. Firstly ...  Read More ...

Image Colorization Using Anisotropic Diffusion

A.M.S. Rahma; A. A. Hussein

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 47-57

  Abstract: Adding colors to all pixels in monochrome image are difficulty performed. It requires considerable user intervention and remains a tedious, time-consuming, expensive task with no certain results. The previous methods have not the wanted color-scale and the harmony in colors used. This ...  Read More ...

Concealment of Information in Digital Image

Aladdin Jamel A. Al-Naji; Maysaa Hameed Abdul Ameer

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 58-69

  Abstract: Transmission of secret information provides an interesting problem space for investigating information hiding. In this paper we present a proposed hiding system “Single and Double Hiding (SDH)”, which can be used to embed text file in digital image and all will be hide in cover image ...  Read More ...

Software Simulation of Fiber Bragg Grating In WDM

Sawsan Abdul-Majid; Saleh AL.Qaraawy; Yousra Abdul-Sahib

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 70-80

  Abstract: WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) is a powerful technique available to meet the ever-increasing demand for communication bandwidth. Among the WDM techniques, the grating is widely used. Fiber gratings selectively reflect a narrow range of wavelengths; this becomes important in designing ...  Read More ...

Turbo-COFDM System over Multipath Rayligh Selective Fading Channel

Siddeeq Y. Ameen; il A.H. Hadi

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 81-91

  Abstract: OFDM system operates at high speed data rate over selective fading channel. In this paper a Turbo Coded OFDM (COFDM) system was presented and simulated over Rayleigh selective fading mobile radio channel. The type of the turbo code used is a parallel concatenated convolutional code (PCCC). ...  Read More ...

Neural Networks for Optimal Selection of The PID Parameters and Designing Feedforward Controller

Mr. Ahmed S. Al-Araji; Miss May N. Bunny

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 92-111

  Abstract: A neural network-based feedforward controller and self-tuning PID controller with optimization algorithm is presented. The scheme of the controller is based on two unknown models that describe the system and optimization algorithm. These models are modified Elman recurrent neural network ...  Read More ...

Hybrid Neuro-Genetic Based Controller of Power System

Dr. Akram Fajer Bati; Nabeel E. Adam

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 112-125

  Abstract: Evolutionary algorithms, Genetic algorithms in particular, are known to be robust and have been increasing popularity in the field of numerical optimization. Neural networks and genetic algorithms demonstrate powerful problem solving ability. They are based on quite simple principles, but ...  Read More ...

Modeling and Simulation of Schematic Quantum Cryptography System Based Entangled Photons

Siddeeq Y. Ameen; Mohammed A. Abdala; Salih H. Ali

Volume 6, Issue 2 , August 2006, Page 126-138

  Abstract The paper investigates many problems in quantum systems by using the modeling of optical components using Jones matrices. These methods give high flexibility to choose perfect model and ideal measurements base of Alice and Bob. The simulated source uses polarization entangled photons from ...  Read More ...