Abstract : In this research, a design method for low complexity uniform and non-uniform filter banks is presented. These filter banks are targeted for audio and hearing applications. The design is based on using IIR allpass second order filters at the analysis stage. But since these filters will cause phase non-linearity, which in turn cause distortion at the output, the synthesis stages of these filters are designed in such way to remove the non-linearity of the phase. The phase non-linearity at the analysis stage is forced to be out of region of interest. By oversampling, the non-linear segments near the band edges are removed through specially designed synthesis filters. Compared to existing literature techniques, the new approach produced a very low computational power of the filter bank, as well as a lower input/output delay. The success of the method is demonstrated using Matlab simulation results.

Key words: Filter banks, IIR filters, FIR filters, polyphase,