Abstract:- There are many researches which study a design of antenna used in mobile communication. Adaptive arrays are expected to improve the performance of future wireless communication systems. The proposed reception system from mobile Satellite for handsets is an adaptive antenna system with a half wave and a loop antenna. The proposed adaptive antenna array is capable of improving the quality of the service of wireless systems through the ability to steer the radiation pattern in the direction of a desired signal source and to receive signals at a constant level despite the variations in the elevation angle and the attitude of the mobile satellite station. Antenna system was tested in the libratory and the result showed a good agreement between the simulation and measurements. By using the field strength meter (FSM) and for different distances from (3-33) cm, antenna system showed good performance in receiving signals from a moving satellite. The received signal is 4.3 dB more in the direction vertical to the antenna system access.

Keywords – Antennas, Antenna array, Half wave dipole, Loop antenna.