Abstract –Recently, the on-line health monitoring have been considered in the research to obtain pragmatic e-health systems with low cost and high efficiency. In this paper, a mobile e-health system is proposed based on an algorithm over long terms evolution (LTE) technology that can be called as fourth generation (4G). This system controls the receiving of the transmitted health data from the patients under supervision and replies the responses of the considered algorithm. The responded signals include the required actions that should be performed by the patient and the hospital. The proposed system utilizes the LTE based mobile networks for the signal transmission to save the consumed cost spent on installing a specific wireless network. In other words, the patients involved in the proposed system are connected to the available mobile networks that cover the area. Additionally, the sensor readings are transmitted either from the patient's mobile device or from other consoles, which have ability to connect and synchronize with the considered mobile network. The simulation results show an efficient performance of the proposed system in terms of data transmission, control signals and decision.

Keywords – E-health systems, LTE, Wireless communication systems.