Abstract –Cryptographic hash functions have been very significant primitives to the cryptography. They have been utilized widely in cryptographic applications and the most important of which is their use in the composition of efficient Message Authentication Codes (MACs). Cryptanalysts cannot break the encryption code authorization message because they could not generate the message sets without key predictors.
This paper introduces anew way to achieve hash code authorization message to increase the strength of the code, reluctance to Birthday attack, and key’s exhaustive search. Secret key with randomness propertyis generated with the assistance proposed algorithm called AKG (Algorithm of Key Generator) that will be hash function. AKG is used to generate a secret key with decimal digits instead of (0,1).The proposed AKG introduces a method that uses three inputs of (0..9994) states instead of (0,1) states.The output of AKG is a random key from key generator using 9995 tables. So the new method provides authentic and integral properties.