Abstract-Depending on the response of the system, digital Filters can be designed
using frequency sampling or windowing methods; but these methods have a problem in
precise control of the critical frequencies. In the sampling method, the weighted
approximation error between the actual frequency response and the desired filter
response is spread across the pass-band and the stop-band and the maximum error is
minimized, resulting ripples in the pass-band and the stop-band. The frequency
sampling method has the same tolerance requirements as the windowing method. In this
work we implemented a digital FIR high pass filter using MATLAB program
(FDATools) using sampling and windowing methods, then the design in the FPGA kit
is downloaded by generating VHDL description. A comparison the amount of the
component has been used in the FPGA for both methods. The FIR filter is implemented
using Spartan 3AN- XC3S700a-4FG484FPGA and simulated with the help of Xilinx
ISE (Integrated Software Environment) Software WEBPACK Project Navigator 11i.