Abstract – The process of hiding is considered to be one of the important security
branches which are used to ensure the safe transfer of vital data and its protection
against theft or editing. Recently, the need for developed hiding methods have greatly
increased as the programming technologies that are capable of detecting hidden data,
which are hidden using conventional methods, have undergone a great leap in progress.
This paper aims to introduce a novel method of hiding a text inside an executable (.exe)
file. This is considered one of the recent, more developed types. The suggested system
has been tested on two types of executable files. The first type was written using
(C++.exe) whereas the second was written using (VB.exe). The text was hidden using
the suggest method (Cover Region and Parity bits) through which the executable file
will be segmented into (regions) afterwards, each group of values will be tested
alongside the value of the secret message that needs to be hidden. The suggested
approach was applied on several texts and the result was that hiding via the executable
files of the (VB) types is faster and it occupies less size than the (C++) type..