Abstract - The rapid increase of connection-demand to the internet application
services and highly traffic network is the main reason behind the need to scale a reliable
network. This paper presents the steps of how to make the network reliable by using
Redundancy scheme and how to balance traffic load in order to reach optimal network.
The implemented network is based on IEEE 802 LAN standard in which the equipment
used in the topology is 3745Cisco’s routers module and 2960 Ether Switch.
Also the Hot Standby Redundancy Protocol (HSRP), Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
(GLBP), and Virtual Redundancy Routing Protocol (VRRP) are implemented in this
work. Many tests in this work in order to achieve the load balancing of the implemented
protocols (test the redundancy scheme) and to test the network performance through
CPU utilization, bandwidth consumption by protocols, and measure the convergence
time of the implemented protocols in the network. This paper gives a guideline for
Internet Service Provider’s Network (ISP) in order to avoid loss of information and
increase the productivity and revenue. The obtained results show that the GLBP has the
best performance in terms of CPU utilization and convergence time, and also in link
consumption in comparison with HSRP and VRRP protocols for the same conditions.