Abstract: In this paper, a new Enhanced Genetic Algorithm (EGA) is used to find the best global path planning for a mobile robot according to a specific criterion. The EGA is enhanced by a new encoding method, new initial population creation method, new crossover and mutation operations as well as new additional operations correction operation and classification operation. The study considers the case when the mobile robot works in a known static environment. The new proposed algorithm is built to help the mobile robot to choose the shortest path without it colliding with the obstacles allocated in a working known environment. The use of grid map in the environment helps to locate nodes on the map where all nodes are assigned by coordinate values. The start and the target nodes of the required path are given prior to the proposed algorithm. Each node represents a landmark that the mobile robot either passes through only one time or never passes through during its journey from start node to the target node. Two examples of known static mobile robot environments with many obstacles in each one are studied and the proposed algorithm is applied on them. The results show that the proposed algorithm is very reliable, accurate, efficient and fast to give the best global path planning for the two cases.