Transmission of secret information provides an interesting problem space for
investigating information hiding. In this paper we present a proposed hiding system
“Single and Double Hiding (SDH)”, which can be used to embed text file in digital
image and all will be hide in cover image or hide text file in cover image only. SDH is a
flexible system, because its used variety types of image file format with different size
such as (BMP, JPEG, GIF, and GIF-Animation), the proposed system gives a good
result instead of sending encrypted message that draw suspicion, this is where
Steganography can come into play.
The system use cryptography, compression, and image filtering as auxiliary
processes to recover the weakness in the previous methods, and its used three invented
methods for hiding, which are Hiding in Edge Points, Direct Hiding, and Hiding with
Reference Images.
We present a comparison between (stego and cover) image through using the
histogram and the difference distortion metrics, which are (MSE, SNR, LMSE, PSNR,
NC, and CQ). Finally from the evaluation step the SDH system achieved the main goal
of Steganography, since the resulting images didn’t draw any suspicion.