Adding colors to all pixels in monochrome image are difficulty performed. It
requires considerable user intervention and remains a tedious, time-consuming,
expensive task with no certain results.
The previous methods have not the wanted color-scale and the harmony in colors used.
This paper presents semi-automatic image colorization, where the user only needs to
annotate the image with a few desirable color scribbles depending on the user’s choice
and the indicated colors are automatically diffused to produce a fully colorized image.
The execution depending on the geometry and structure of the monochrome luminance
input, given by its gradient information, The color is then diffused by solving a partial
differential equation (Anisotropic Diffusion Equation) that annotate a few color
scribbles provided by the user, with firmness in the original gradient information in
The approach suggests an semi- automatic method that minimizes the amount of human
work and the results are of high efficiency from the previous methods.