The paper attempts to provide most of the well-known security services through a
design and implementation of a client/server-based network security system. The system
is based on recommendation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) together with
some secure techniques. These techniques include message digest (MD5), data
compression, data scrambling, traffic padding, novel PN sequence generator that is based
on AES and the RSA for secure key distribution.
The generator is based on the standard ANSI X9.17 with triple AES instead of
triple DES. Recommended statistical tests are carried out to check the randomness of the
new generator. The results of these tests show that the new generator passes all the
required tests successfully. The latter results being even better than those achieved by the
standard generator ANSI X9.17 using AES or triple DES.
Finally, the security system was implemented and tested between two PCs in a
local area network. The results clearly demonstrate the successful operation of the
security system through the secure transmission of data. The security of the proposed
system is shown to be efficient since all the combined techniques are well-established
and recommended. Furthermore, with the multi-keys required to perform the operation,
the tasks of cryptanalyst with available computing power will be difficult.