This paper presents indoor propagation modeling for wireless local area network at 2.4GHz. Different propagation path loss models are simulated such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the log-distance path loss models. The ITU model is tested in residential or office environments, and is examined; wether the position of the Access Point (AP) and the WLAN cards on the same floor or in another floors. Log-distance path loss model is tested and simulated; from this model the effects of the shadowing deviation can be seen. Practical measurements will be taken by using a laptop equipped with the NETSTUMBLER 0.40 software to see the impression of walls and doors. Different charts are illustrated to view the responses of ITU and log-distance path loss models versus distances, path loss, transmitting power and receiving power. Practical data are also plotted in different cases, for open area between AP and mobile user and in a random positions case.