The UOTCS (University Of Technology Control System) helicopter system is a laboratory scale experimental platform developed primarily for teaching system dynamics and control engineering principles to undergraduate students. It also provides an excellent research platform for control and mechatronics postgraduate students. This paper is concerned with the modeling and controllers design for the UOTCS helicopter to mimics its motion. The kinematics model was derived following the Denavit-Hartenberg theory while the dynamic model was based on Euler-Lagrange equations of motion. The helicopter mathematical model includes the inertias of the counterweight, the beams and the propeller motors. This model was found competent enough for this application as it describes the dominant behaviors and coupling among the degrees of freedom of the helicopter model. Fuzzy logic controllers for elevation and pitch motion control were designed. The performance of the FLC is compared with the classical PID controller and the results are evaluated. Fuzzy logic controllers are suitable to control the elevation and pitch motions of the UOTCS helicopter.