The images have large amount of information and they are important object in modern database system, so there is a great need for efficient image indexing key as access and retrieval tool. In database systems the index key is an attribute which has unique value for all tuples of the relation by “ name“ , “ numbers“ or any codes, this key aids to identify the tuples. In archive system a vast amount of digital images it is very necessary to find unique image index key to store it corresponding to its image and can use it to retrieval documents. So in the proposed algorithm we generate image index key which depends on extracting the key from the contents of the image itself, so such an image index key will contain the properties and characteristics of image, it is Unique, because its value depends on the value of image pixels. So it is a good method for image indexing , image verification , image ordering and checking the authenticity of retrieved image to prevent any juggle perhaps happening with the image by recomputing index keyword of retrieved image and comparing it with index keyword which is stored in database. Using shrinking method With Image Index Key Extracting algorithm (IIKE) reduce storage space of stored images.