Document Type : Review Paper


1 Control and omputer engineering department, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Control and Systems Eng. Dept., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


Face detection technology is the first and essential step for facial-based analysis algorithms such as face recognition, face feature extraction, face alignment, face enhancement, and face parsing. That is besides serving other applications related to human intention and act analysis such as facial expression recognition, gender recognition, and age classification. Face detection is used to detect faces in digital images. It is a special case of object detection and can be used in many areas such as biometrics, security, law enforcement, entertainment, and personal safety. There are various methods proposed in the field of face detection, and they all compete to make it more advanced and accurate. These methods belong to two main approaches; feature-based approach and image-based approach. This paper reviews the face detection methods that belong to the feature-based approach. Moreover, their work concepts, strengths, and limitations are mentioned. This paper concentrates on the feature-based approach due to its simplicity and high applicability in real-time detection compared to the image-based approach.


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