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1 computer science, university of technology

2 Department of Computer Science, Technology University, Iraq

3 computer science,Technology University,Iraq,Baghdad


Conventional voting activities are often replaced by electronic voting (EV) in light of the quick expansion of the Internet. For a variety of reasons, various nations have lately switched to EV rather than conventional voting. Different EV systems were presented up to this point. In both practical and theoretical fields, on the other hand, there is no perfect solution. To meet such objectives, the researchers strive for preserving cryptographic primitives when developing high-efficiency e-voting schemes. The concept of fog computing was developed to improve network infrastructure to satisfy the demands of large amounts of data the same time as also increasing the efficiency of the processing power. Also, it has been created as well to address concerns with Cloud computing, like the distribution environment complexity, real-time response, mobility, and IoT application location awareness. The concentration of this study was on a complete review regarding the systems of EVs through various scholars as a platform to detect flaws or problems in the deployment of extremely secure EV systems. In addition, nations having a history of EV system adoption were examined. A concept for future work on establishing a safe EV system depends on problems discovered in numerous works.


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