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1 Department of Computer Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Computer Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Network traffic has risen in recent years to the point that it is obviously and astonishingly in 2020, with the increase predicted to double in the following days. Up to 23 Teraa bit every month is an incredible amount. The Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithm is one of the most significant study areas in network congestion control; nevertheless, new self-learning network management algorithms are needed on nodes to cope with the huge quantity of traffic and minimize queuing latency, used reinforcement learning for automatic adaptive parameter with the AQM algorithm for effective network management, and present a novel AQM algorithm that focuses on deep reinforcement learning to deal with latency and the trade-off between queuing delay and throughput; choose Deep Q-Network (DQN) as the foundation for our scheme and equate it with Random Early Detection (RED) Results based on Network simulation (NS3) simulation suggest that the DQN algorithm has good and better results were obtained from RED, where the difference reached a drop rate of 2%, and this percentage is considered good, in addition to the percentage of throughput and the packet transfer rate of 3% is better in the proposed algorithm.


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