Document Type : Research Paper


Computer Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Traditional identification techniques for electronic payments, such as the Personal Identification Number (PIN), are becoming outdated and unsafe, while mobile payments are becoming more popular and widely used. It presents a risk to issuers since there is no reliable consumer verification method available, and the lack of safe and reliable e-payment systems is one of the key issues restricting progress. As a result, efforts have been made to develop and maintain a unified payment system that is well-organized, efficient, dependable, and secure. This system avoids the need for physical cash while also still satisfying all payment and identification requirements, a safe and trustworthy method is required for the country's successful adoption of an e-payment system. This article focuses on the future of online payment and the security problems through using effective biometric authentication technologies to provide a trustworthy authentication method for an e-payment system.


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