Document Type : Research Paper


1 Computer Sciences Department University of Technology/Baghdad

2 School of Computer Sciences and Mathematics Liverpool John Moores University,uk

3 Department of Computer Science, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


Crowd detection has various applications nowadays. However, detecting humans in crowded circumstances is difficult because the features of different objects conflict, making cross-state detection impossible. Detectors in the overlapping zone may therefore overreact. The proposal uses the YOLO v5 (You Only Look Once) method to improve crowd recognition and counting. This algorithm is entirely accurate and detects things in real-time. The idea relies on edge enhancement and pre-processing to solve overlapping feature regions in the image and improve performance. The CrowdHuman data set is used to train YOLO v5. The system counts the number of humans in the image to detect a crowd. Before training, this model enhanced the image with several filters. The YOLO v5 algorithm distinguishes a person inside a crowd by utilizing the surrounding box on the head and overall body. Therefore, the number of head detection is x- coordinated compared to the body. Assume the detected heads outnumber the bodies. A square of the head will be extracted, but not a body square. Also, cropping the image reduces interference between human beings and enhances the edge features. Thus, YOLOv5 can detect it. The idea improves head and body detection by 2.17 and 4.1 percent, respectively.


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