Document Type : Research Paper


department of computer science, university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Cryptographic approaches based on chaos theory provide a several new and promising avenues for developing safe picture encryption solutions. This paper aims to complicate the process of decrypting images by adding encryption with keys, this was achieved by applying the principle of the 3D-chaotic system with the encryption algorithm, so we present an image encryption algorithm called black mask by using an efficient Multidimensional Chaotic Map represented by Lorenz system. For the confusion process, the suggested approach is based on a keys stream generator. The process of confusion is initiated by a 256-bit secret keys, which is produced by a logistic maps. To make the cipher more dynamic in the face of any threat. The suggested digital image encryption technique, as well as its security analysis and implementation, are discussed in depth. The experimental results suggest that the proposed method for image encryption and transmission is both efficient and safe.


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