1 Computer science department.. University of technology

2 department of computer science, university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq

3 Computer Science department, Turath University college, Baghdad, Iraq


Digitally, a large number of information was generated, stored and exchanged. This growth leads to problems that needed to solve. Digital watermarking has been one of the key terms to secure and authenticate the owner's information.
The watermarking image technology is a procedure for embedding secret data into an original image. In this paper, encrypted holographic watermark image was proposed by using chaotic technique, which utilizing three distinct chaos maps: logistic, Arnold and Baker; to ensure the security to the system.
Performance evaluation of embedding and decrypted Watermark image measured by Peak to signal ratio (PSNR), Structural Similarity (SSIM), Mean square error (MSE), Root mean square (RMSE), and Normalize Root mean square (NRMSE).
Results and outcomes of measurements confirmed the robustness of the chaotic technique and also the Histogram showed the good distribution of the encrypted holographic image pixels and observed that the encrypted holographic image in bit are significantly uniform and different from that of the Watermark image that mean the encryption image in bit interleaver is change the level values and position of pixel and also good similarity SSIM about 0.9 for both test 1 and 2.