1 Department of Computer Science, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 computer science, University of Technology, Iraq, Baghdad


Due to the fact that the risk factor in the international border is very high, it causes threats affecting soldiers’ lives, border military facility and state security. In fields where there are difficulties for people to go or where human life may be endangered (such as places that contain the harmful gases and explosive things). Human guards may be substituted by a robot system that is designed for the purpose of taking care of the dangerous tasks of surveillance. The main objective of this paper is to build an intelligent surveillance robot with high accuracy to detect intrusions, easy to use and inexpensive. This paper includes a new contribution by integrating intelligent algorithms into monitoring systems and robotics technology, which is a strong addition to the research through the accuracy of the system. The system provides a modern monitoring method for detecting and recognizing faces using a robot equipped with a pi camera, sensors and a control panel. The result of the proposal is a system that uses face detection and recognition by utilizing HAAR algorithm, and CNN algorithm, the system percentage accuracy becomes 99.87%.and the loss is 0.013. The proposed have high accuracy, effective, easy to use, with low cost, can be used to guard critical infrastructures, large facilities, and national borders.