Document Type : Research Paper


1 Computer Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Computer Science, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq


The university courses timetabling problem (UCTP) is a big topic among academics and institutions since it occurs every academic year. In general, UCTP is the distribution of events across slots time for each room based on a list of restrictions provided in one semester, such as (hard constraint and soft constraint), with the objective of avoiding conflicts in such assignments. Hard constraints should never be breached when striving to satisfy as many soft constraints as possible. There are many different methods used in automating the problems of the university timetabling course in higher education institutions. This paper presents an improved algorithm for the Meerkat Clan to solve the UCTP. This is done by studying the behavior of the Meerkat Clan Algorithm and Specifying the points that are able to improve without changing the main behavior of the Meerkat Clan Algorithm. And by testing with four datasets of different sizes, good results were obtained by optimizing this algorithm.


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