Document Type : Research Paper


1 computer department, College of Education for Women, University of Baghdad

2 Computer Sciences Dep. University of Technology Baghdad, Iraq

3 university of technology - Iraq


The widespread of recent multimedia, including various 3D model applications in different domains of areas, may lead to 3D models being stolen and attacked by hackers. Moreover, 3D models must be protected from unauthorized users and when transmitting over the internet. Nowadays the 3D model protection is a very important issue. This paper proposed a scheme that provides high protection for the textured 3D model by implementing multiple levels of security. The first level of security is achieved by encrypting the texture map based on a key generated by a 2D Logistic chaotic map. The second level of security is implemented by modifying the vertices values of the 3D mesh based on keys generated by the 3D Lorenz chaotic map. The proposed scheme was implemented on various 3D textured models varying in the number of vertices and faces. The experimental results show that the proposed scheme has a good encryption and provides high security by completely deforms the whole texture and 3D mesh of the textured 3D model into the two levels. The encryption scheme has a large key space 10135 making the scheme resists violent attacks. The Hausdorff Distance (HD) and histogram metrics are adopted to calculate the matching degree between the original and extracted model. The results show that the original and extracted model are identical through the values of HD, which are approximate to zero, and the histogram visually is similar.