1 Electrical Engineering Dep., University Of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

2 Computer Engineering Dep., University Of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


In this paper, Field Oriented Control (FOC) of 3-phase induction motor is
controlled by using (PI) and (I-P). These controllers are established with the help of
MATLAB/SIMULINK. The gains value obtained by the trial and error method of PIcontroller
and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is used in this paper for
designing I-P controllers that give better performance. PSO technique was proposed to
tune the optimal gains of I-P controller and state feedback gains. A comparison between
two controllers is presented. From simulation results, the advantages and disadvantages
of both controllers are investigated to explain the characteristic of the two methods. The
operation perforamcnes of the two proposed controller systems have been examined in
terms of the motor torque, current ripples and momentary responses to load toque