Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mustansiriayah University, Baghdad


This paper adopted a thermal network method (TNM) based on Motor-CAD
with MATLAB/Simulink software, and finite element method (FEM) based on Motor-
CAD with Flux2D software, to estimate the stator winding temperature of a totally
enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), squirrel cage, three-phase induction motor. The three
software packages were adopted successfully with a good agreement among their results
resulting in preferring using Motor-CAD in obtaining results, and using Flux2D with
MATLAB to validate these results. The success of triple-software methodology will give
the induction motor designer a well-validated tool in attaining a safe motor operation
without exceeding the maximum allowable stator winding temperature rise, and without
using an experimental test based on an expensive manufacturing motor.