Department of Computer Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


In the past years, the scene has witnessed huge technological progress which made our lives simpler and flixper. After Wi-Fi and cellular communications networks’ improvements, with the parallel optimization of numerous embedded devices, momentum has risen globally and today gave us a concept that is the IoT or the Internet of Things. Where several contemporary technologies have been utilized and the developers have been advancing structures to collect data from sensor systems that may be sent to any part of the world over the Internet. The Internet of Things can be used for many purposes like controlling, tracking and managing systems. In this study, we presented the work of the MQTT internet routing protocol to exchange sensor information between two different devices. The IoT platform is about monitoring temperature and humidity in a smart home based on an MQTT protocol which makes this connection possible. However, the MQTT protocol works in publishing/ subscribing mode. The proposed work used an Esp8266NodeMCU as a publisher and Raspberry pi3 model (B) as a subscriber. Also, it used a dht11 sensor to measure the temperatures and humidity. The measurements were collected from sensors and alternated between the two devices through the MQTT broker (server). Node-Red and ThingSpeak designed as a website to share the data.