Computer Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Generally, there is no single aspect of the human life that hasn't been touched through technology. The evolution of technology combines those aspects of technology with modern uses. In this scenario, the electronics of the appliance play a vital role in our life day after day. There are several technologies like IoT Internet of Things, the cloud computing, robotics system, sensors and system on the chips which have revolutionized our technological progress. "IoT" is a vision, which is the biggest development technological technique. There are several platforms of IoT for services developers. A great number of potential platforms choose the most convenient way to perform a specific service. Therefore, developers chose the three of these models which are (blynk), (freeboard) and ( to build this system. The proposed system is the Internet of Robotic Monitoring Things (IoRMT), which was employed to monitor the server room in a government security agency, using a set of sensors placed on the car robot. The sensors were connected with ESP8266NodeMCU microcontroller to display the value of sensors in the dashboard of freeboard platform. The car robot was controlled by software joystick using the blynk IoT platform as the mobile android application. The platform IoT and platform IoT services and developers from Bug Lab's proved their ability to take data from device and produce it actionable rapidly.