Provinces Affairs ,Ministry of Science and Tecghnology, Baghdad, Iraq.


within the next year, travelers from difference world may be holding
a new form of a passport.The electronic passport has been widespread in recent
times, all around the world, since the e-passports can save biometric
identifiers.To forbidden the illegal entry of passengers into a particular state
and stop the use of fake documents, an e-passport is used for more precise
identification of a person.The paper used the image of the e-Passport holder as
a cover image to hide the fingerprint inside it within the operation of e-Passport
design. This paper suggests also an encryption security analysis of the epassport
representing by using Arnold transform on fingerprint and add a
privet key to encrypted data that are aimed to provide more security to the
biometric information to protecting the e-passport.Our paper focuses on the
security features which are suggested to make the e-Passport safer and protect
it from unauthorized access.