Hospital Management System (HMS) is a computerizing scheme used to simplify several efforts of the working in a hospital. The system deals with all the requirements of different hospitals to offer efficient services to patients. In addition, it stores the patients’ information for long term for historical records. In this paper, we design and implement a web based HMS for group of hospitals in Iraq. The system provides an efficient link between the hospital’s departments including the laboratories, radiology, pharmacy and the consultants. The proposed system gives simple access to basic data, thus enabling the management to take better decisions on time. The website is designed using PHP, HTML and CSS environments, while the database is built utilizing MySQL version 5.7.11. As a case study, two hospitals (Margan in Babylon and Ibn-Alnafees in Baghdad) have been considered. The results show that the proposed system has achieved high performance and accuracy in terms of provided health services, data management and time consuming.