Abstract –Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor (PMSM) is defined as a high nonlinear dynamics, MIMO electromechanical incremental actuator broadly applied as a position device. The closed loop control system is proposed to enhance the performance of PMSM from the load change, steady state error, and the parameters variation that appear in the open loop control. The proposed closed loop system is based on the Field Oriented Control (FOC). Fuzzy PID controller is proposed as an intelligent controller for the exact linearized system. The Feedback Linearization (FBL) technique is based on transforming the complex nonlinear model of PMSM into exact linearized model, unlike the Jacobian Linearization, which is based on linearizing the dynamics of the motor around operating point. The results of the proposed controller were compared with conventional PID on the exact linearized model and Fuzzy PID Controller on the nonlinear model of the PMSM. Robustness of the proposed controller was tested under parameters and load variation.