Abstract –In this paper, design of printed monopole antenna based on fractal structures, is introduced as an approach for the use in ultra wideband communication systems, that depends on Koch fractal type.
This antenna fed with a 50Ω microstrip line, designed to be used in frequency range from 3.1 GHz to 10.6 GHz, also band notched characteristics to reject the WiMAX band is realized by etching a slot of a C-shaped rotated with 90o clockwise. It is printed on FR4 substrate of (4.4) dielectric constant, (1.6) mm thickness, and the fractal geometry is employed in the form of a second iteration Koch curve.
The antenna has a small dimensions of (20mm × 25mm × 1.6mm), with return loss ≤ -10 dB, which offers a bandwidth from 2.84 GHz to 13.28 GHz with nearly Omni directional radiation pattern. The simulation of the design is accomplished through the microwave studio suite of computer simulation technology CST simulator, which is based on finite integration technique.